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Our Ruby and Krackers are the parents of four beautiful puppies.  

They were born on April 24th, 2022.

Currently we do have a few boy puppies available.

call Buddy or email Robin for information. 

We are planning a fall litter between Marlo and Ranger

*****While we encourage potentials families to visit we ask that you do not come if you have just visited a pet store or another breeder's home. Our puppies have yet to be vaccinated and for that reason we are unwilling to expose them to any potential risk.

Your cooperation is truly appreciated.****

We will not ship puppies.  

We have a Gilwood Havanese Facebook Page for all of our puppy families so we can all post pictures.  

******* SCAMS. PLEASE READ******* There are a lot of puppy scams on the internet at this time. People, please, use caution when dealing with people who claim to have puppies. Recently we were notified via a Facebook page of an internet scam 'selling' puppies that belong to other breeders. The parent dogs and the puppy pictures belong to other people. The parent dogs are actually two male dogs. This person was out $600. Please. Use caution. I know these puppies are adorable and unscrupulous people will play on your emotions. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

All AKC puppies are sold on either a full or limited registration.

With very few exceptions, all of our puppies are sold on an AKC Limited Registration.

That means that the puppies can not be shown in AKC conformation events (dog

shows), and if bred, the offspring can not be registered with the AKC.

These limited registration dogs can be and are shown in AKC obedience, agility, and rally trials, and they also make

wonderful therapy dogs.

Our puppies that are sold on a Limited Registration will be required to be spayed or neutered at an

appropriate age. A spay/neuter clause is part of our contract. These puppies are wonderful havanese, make

wonderful companions and are loved as treasured pets.

Dogs sold on AKC Full Registration are able to be shown in AKC conformation events and if bred, their offspring are

able to be registered with AKC. These puppies are looked at as "show potential". The contract for AKC full

registration includes (minimally) attaining an AKC championship AND completing, passing and registered specific

health tests.

Because it is not obvious at birth which puppies will be show potential the whole litter is constantly observed for

temperament, traits, and conformation qualities. At about 7 - 8 weeks of age the puppies are temperament tested

and examined and evaluated for structure (conformation) using the havanese breed standard as a guide. Those

puppies that evaluate closest to the havanese breed standard are considered "show potential"

Keep in mind there is no such thing as a perfect dog, ALL dogs have faults. We breed each litter always with the

idea of keeping the best.

 Our ultimate goal is to produce puppies that closely adhere to the AKC Havanese Breed Standard, so that in theory,

they would all be wonderful representation of the breed no matter what registration they are sold under.

It is for the above reasons puppies in a litter will not be assigned to anyone until a minimum of 7 - 8 weeks of age.

By that time we are able to offer you a better description of each puppy's temperament and personality so we can

assist in finding that perfect match for you and your puppy. 

Feel free to contact either Buddy or Robin with questions regarding havanese. We love to talk "Havanese" and if we

don't know the answer we will try to find it.

Nothing on this website is for reproduction without express, written, permission from Robin Gillespie